2019 Bali Workshop



our WHY


Formed by Samuel Goh, Bloc Memoire and Terralogical, Limitless Workshops was born out of a desire to bring in more opportunities of learning not only from where we are based, but also from other parts of the world in hopes that it will influence and ultimately transform the wedding photography culture in Asia.

Apart from that, we are all about community and are extremely passionate and committed about building relationships.



LIMITLESS WORKSHOPS is a three day learning experience held in the beautiful tropical, exotic, sunny island of Bali.

It's as though you are on a holiday whilst learning heaps of stuff, not to mention making a whole bunch of awesome friends!


WHERE and when

The 2019 workshop will be held on 13th - 15th August 2019 in Bali, Seminyak.

There will be pre-workshop drinks on the 12th evening, and a party on the 15th. Not to mention dinners and partying on the other days as well!



If you are passionate about photography and want to gain an edge to your work, or bring your business to the next level, plus make heaps of friends and have a super good time in Bali, then this workshop is for you.


What is included?

This years workshop includes theory and practical sharing sessions by Rafal Bojar (Poland), York Place Studios (UK) and Kai (Singapore). On the last day, we will be reviewing the photographs from the demo shoot and have a Q&A session.

There will be pre-workshop get together drinks at the villa on the 12th, and a farewell party on the last evening. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided on all three days.

Regular ticket prices are 1600USD each. So remember to sign up to be notified of Early Bird tickets.




rafal bojar

Rafal Bojar - Limitless Workshops 2019


Rafal believes in friendship, love and to being honest and that’s how his stories are crafted. Creating deep, raw and honest stories that constantly blows conventional boundaries out of the water, Rafal believes that creativity needs more space, engagement from both sites and most of all, trust.

It’s not about using the latest technology, but rather getting as close as you can to you subject, gaining their trust with empathy, letting go of your ego, discovering the pieces of their puzzle and having a good sense of put them all together.




York Place Studios - Limitless Workshops 2019

With a passion for street photography, creative reinvention and photographing people, the artful brother and sister duo of York Place Studios have become known for shooting weddings in a way that is unlike conventional wedding photography.

Dom and Liam throw out the traditional rules of documentary photography and pave their own way by creating bold, colourful and humorous images layered with personality and emotions even from the most seemingly insignificant of moments.

Their creative street-inspired style has taken them all around the globe not only for weddings but also to share their unique voice, philosophy and vision with other photographers who are looking to create truthful and original imagery.

To them, all that matters is capturing how it feels to be right there when the moments happened.






A homegrown talent with roots in Malaysia and currently residing in Singapore, Kai was recently named as one of Rangefinder Magazine’s Top 30 Rising Star of 2018.

"Are you looking for an answer and that’s why you’re here?

Myself personally, I’m constantly asking questions.

And of course, who am I?

What are the stories in my pictures?

There are always more than one dimension; and more than just one answer.””


Kai originated from an architectural background, and craftfully weaves the seemingly opposite elements of light, shadow, architecture and the human connection into his images. When you consider that he carries it out simultaneously on the spot, it’s not difficult to be impressed.

Photography brings him closer to the human connection and allows him to better observe the little wonders in our everyday lives; to take a slower pace and reminds himself of the present moment, and to live that moment to the fullest.