The Limitless Experience

For the last three years, Limitless has brought together over a hundred photographers from all over the globe to bond, share, and most importantly, learn from the world’s top photographers.

For four enriching days, people exchanged life experiences, learned about different cultures over communal meals, had heaps of fun, and walked away determined to come back again the next year to experience it all over again.

We believe in giving back - that was what kick started Limitless Workshops. Over time, we have built a community that expands across oceans. This community is what makes Limitless worthwhile - our family of friends.

Limitless is not only a workshop, it is a fresh experience. This is our promise.  

- The Limitless Team (Terralogical, Samuel Goh, Bloc Memoire)

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& When

For the last three years, we have held Limitless on the charming island of Bali. The workshops are held in gorgeous villas that provide a laid back experience. Food is plentiful and attendees can jump in the pool anytime.

The 2020 workshop will be held on 18th - 22th August 2020 in Bali, Seminyak. There will be pre-workshop drinks on the 18th evening, and a party on the 22nd!



Past Speakers


Every year, we spend months brainstorming on the combination of speakers that will benefit our attendees best.

We bring together not only the photographers we admire the most, but we also consider their personalities, branding, and how relevant to the South East Asian region their photography and business styles are .

It is not only about having the best, it’s about doing what really works. For you.



To be announced soon


Rafal Bojar (Poland)

York Place Studios (UK)

Kai Pictures (Malaysia)


Fer Juaristi (Mexico)

James Day (Australia)


Terralogical (Indonesia)

Samuel Goh (Singapore)

Bloc Memoire (Singapore)

Carol Kuntjoro (Indonesia)


don’t just hear it from us


We stop learning when we think we have arrived. And even if you feel like you’ve nothing more to learn, be prepared to be re-inspired.

It’s not about competing with one another. It’s about building a community and it is humbling and reassuring at the same time to know that now I’m a part of that.
— Ryan (Singapore)
This is the best workshop for wedding photographers in Singapore right now.
— Hong Ray
Just come and feel it, the experience is beyond your imagination.
— Masato Kubo (Kuppography)
You’re not just learning from 2 amazing photographers, but 40 incredible photographers and individuals!
— Adrian Seetho
It has become an annual pilgrimage, to reset the mind and soul, in the midst of friends whom I had grown to be so fond of. Limitless is more than just a workshop, where every attendee is equal in ability and humility.
— Hao Lun (Wabisabi Journal)
Please go!! You’ll learn so much!! Not just limited to photography, but so much more- A little about life, a little about people and maybe a little about yourself.
— Samantha (Androids in Boots)
Better than buying a lens.
— Afiq (Colossal Weddings)
It is more than a workshop. It is about being in a community where everybody helps one another.
— Wilson (Multifolds)

ONLY 40 SPOTS ARE available every year. Keen? Get in touch below!